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Summer 2020

Summer Camps 2020

Camps are available for players 6th grade to Seniors unless other wise noted in the description.  Club Cubs & Club Prep are for our younger players and is noted below.

We will adhere & follow the ongoing rules in regards to Covid (these rules do changes constantly).  Please have all players bring their own water bottles or multiple bottles if they drink a lot of water.  Water fountains will be shut off and not available for players use.   There will now be access to the touchless bottle fillers that the Mark has, the drinking fountains will not be available.

Parents will not be allowed to watch.  We know this is tough especially if you have a younger player.  As the rules change, we will let you know when a parent is able to come in and watch.   


Beach Camp   - players are welcome to bring their outdoor beach balls if they have them
Cost per session  $240.00
2020 Beach Camp – This camp is at no cost to players that were on a team for the 2020 Season.  For all others $240.00 per session 
June 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30  - 8am-10am
July 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30   - 8am-10am
The demands of beach volleyball forces players to jump and sprint, increasing their heart rate and endurance. In beach volleyball, the sand court creates resistance. This increases the intensity of the cardiovascular workout, which burns more calories. Over time, sand volleyball players develop excellent endurance and stamina preparing them for better playing on courts.
Camp Director: Steve Bymers & Tahlyr Banks

All Skills Camp
2020 All Skills Camp - $40.00
June 1, June 22, July 13, 9am – 12pm
These 3 hours of instruction will develop and refine the players individual skills. Players will be grouped according to skill level and challenged based on their level of ability. The All Skills camp will focus on fundamental skill development & volleyball knowledge.
Camp Director: Steve Bymers  

Attacking Camp
2020 Attacking Camp - $40.00
June 1, 1PM-4PM, June 17, 6PM–9PM, July 6, 9AM-12PM.  July 20, 1PM-4PM
This camp will focus on the proper mechanics for attacking arm swings, approach footwork, and perfecting different shots on the court. Great for players who have played an attacking position before or anyone looking to improve as a front row attacker.
Camp Director: Steve Bymers  

Serving Camp
2020 Serving Fundamentals - $40.00
June 2, June 23, July 13, 1–4pm
Serving is one of the most important skills of the game at any level, and at this camp we are going to break down everything you need to know to take your serve to a whole other level. Open to all skill levels. Fundamental serving technique of overhand serving, arm swing, improve accuracy in serving zones, learn to jump serve, or fine tune the serve you already have.
Camp Director: Steve Bymers & Tahlyr Banks

Serving & Serve Receive Camp
2020 Serving & Serve Receive Camp - $40.00
June 3, 6pm-9pm, June 22, 1pm-4pm, July 28, 1pm-4pm
Serving and passing are the most important skills of volleyball at any age & this camp is for all ages & anyone looking to improve their serve receive skills. This camp will be a high repetition camp to help players improve the first contact and become better point scorers from the end line. This camp is for all ages and focus will be on footwork, platform technique, ball control & competition. 
Camp Director: Steve Bymers & Tahlyr Banks

Pin Hitter Camps
2020 Pin Hitter Camp - $35.00
June 8, 9am-11am, June 24, 6pm-8pm, July 14, 1pm-3pm, July 27, 9am-11am
Attacking & blocking skills will be the focus of this 2 hour camp.  Proper mechanics, approach footwork, arm swing, transition game & developing shots are all aspects of attacking & blocking.
Camp Director: Steve Bymers

Middle Hitter Camps
2020 Middle Hitter Camp - $35.00
June 15, 9am-11am, June 29, 1pm-3pm, June 30th 1pm, 3pm,  July 6, 1pm-3pm
Attacking & blocking skills will be the focus of this 2 hour camp.  Proper mechanics, approach footwork, arm swing, transition game & developing shots are all aspects of attacking & blocking.
Camp Director: Steve Bymers

Competition Camps
2020 Competition Camps - $20.00
June 15, 1pm-4pm, July 1, 6pm-9pm, July 27, 1pm-4pm
Everyone’s favorite part of volleyball is getting to play the game.  The goal of each 3 hour session is to work on all of the fundamental skills of volleyball in a game like setting.  Get your friends to sign up & come put your volleyball skills and IQ strategies to the test during these competitive camps.  All ages and skills are welcome.
Camp Director: Tahlyr Banks

Serve Receive Camps
2020 Serve Receive Camps - $40.00
June 8, 1pm-4pm, June 29, 1pm-4pm, July 21, 1pm-4pm
Looking to improve your serve receive skills?  Platform, footwork, ball control & technique will be the focus during this high repetition camp.  This camps is for all ages & ability.
Camp Director: Steve Bymers & Tahlyr Banks

Setters Camps
2020 Setting Camp - $40.00
June 9, 1pm-4pm, June 30, 1pm-4pm, June 29th 9am - 12pm, July 15, 6pm-9pm, July 29, 6pm-9pm
Setters of all ages are welcome to join this camp.  This three hour camp will focus on the fundamental and advanced setter skills.  Players will work on footwork, along with hand technique/positioning, ball placement & control. 
Camp Director: Steve Bymers

Defensive Camps
2020 Defense Camp - $40.00
June 10, 6pm-9pm, June 16, 1pm-4pm, July 7, 1pm-4pm, July 20, 9am-12pm
This camp will be focused on back row defense with a high volume of reps and fast paced drills. Players will gain confidence in their ability to dive for balls, make aggressive defensive moves, and an all around understanding of back row defense. This camp is for all levels and ability.
Camp Director: Tahlyr Banks

Cub & Cubbies Camps (Kindergarten to 5th grade)
2020 June & July Cub & Cubbies Camps - $20.00 per session
June 9, 16, 23, 30, July 7, 14, 21, 28 – 5:30 – 6:30
A fun activity for the little ones, (Kindergarten – 4th). We will play little games while executing volleyball skills.
Camp Director: Kim Bymers

Club Prep 4th – 7th graders
2020 Club Prep – $225.00
June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27, 5:30-7pm (Please register if you had signed up for the Spring session so that we know you will be attending, Thank you.  No charge will occur for those who had signed up for the Spring session)
Focus on fundamentals and mechanics at every session.  To enhance real learning we immediately use those skills in game-like play and put those skills into action in a team setting. (We are working on mini tourneys for these players for over the summer if it is safe and tourneys are available)

Academy Camps
Our Academy style camps are “Advanced Level” camp training opportunities this summer! We recommend that current Club Legacy players attend their respective skill camp.  These camps are open to all players from any club.  Academy Camps will focus on fundamental skill sets, volleyball knowledge/IQ, & advanced play, spots are limited for academy camps. 

Setter Academy Camp
2020 Setter Academy Camps   $60.00
June 3, 1pm-4pm,  July 1, 1pm-4pm,  July 29, 1pm-4pm

Camp Director: Steve Bymers & Kaylee Peschong

Middle Hitter Academy Camp
2020 Middle Hitter Academy Camp $60.00
June 10, 1pm-4pm, July 8, 1pm-4pm
Camp Director: Steve Bymers

Pin Hitter Academy Camp
2020 Pin Hitter Academy Camp $60.00
June 17, 1pm-4pm, July 15, 1pm-4pm
Camp Director: Steve Bymers

Libero Academy Camp
2020 Libero Academy Camp $60.00
June 24, 1pm-4pm, July22, 1pm-4pm
Camp Director: Steve Bymers, Brittany Witt - Creighton Libero, (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) & Tahlyr Banks

If you have any questions about our skills camps contact:
Steve Bymers -